Our lives have changed with the addition of these five baby girls.

I can't even explain how amazing it is to me that we get to watch them grow up together...along with the other nine kids...and one on the way...and more to come in the future. It is so wonderful and interesting to see how much alike and yet, how VERY different they each are when we are together (which is a lot). They have finally started noticing and playing with each other, which basically means they steal each others toys and get jealous over whose Momma is holding who.

Maddie - The oldest, smallest...and possibly the bossiest. Maddie is also the quietest...she takes things in and acts shy until she really warms up. But once she warms up look out...that girl is lightening fast. She takes the slide head first.

Carli Grace - Now in trying to be objective (since this one belongs to me) I'd say Carli Grace is the laid back one. She watches a lot and is pretty quiet. The only time she gets really loud is when Maddie steals something from her. Carli Grace gets concerned if someone goes down her slide without sitting (Maddie and Brenna). I could see (based on her mother - me) her being the bossy one down the road.

Avah - Our cheesier! This girl has more smiles then she knows what to do with. She's also the bruiser. She just plows into whatever is in her way, but says "tank you" as she knocks you out of the way. Avah, as a general rule, will go to ANYBODY. Lately, I've noticed she follows Carli Grace around and checks out what she is doing...and then tries to do it. Avah also gets the diva award.

Brenna - The snuggler. This girl gives loves with the best of anybody. She's also our most injured player with her numerous run and skids on concrete. Brenna is a daredevil whose been caught on the kitchen table and climbing onto her sister's bike. She likes to walk down the slide and give adults heart attacks.

Jenna - Miss Happy. Jenna is a laugher. She's probably the one that thinks Uncle Mike is the funniest...although Avah's also a big fan. She doesn't let the fact that she is 2.5 months younger stop her from trying to keep up with the rest of the girls. Oh, and this girl is amazing at showing her belly.

So tell me....what have I missed. Each of the girls have such personality and spunk - I know I didn't get it all down. What am I missing?


  1. Maddie also wins for the funniest and most adorable run!!!

    Carli wins for talking, she talks all the time, to anyone that will listen; wonder where that comes from?? :)

    Avah wins for most adorable cry, the face, the sound, the little pout, mommy and daddy are in TROUBLE!

    Brenna wins for worst cry, far and wide, people belive limbs are being severed when this girl screams, and biggest temper too!

    And sweet little Jenna wins for the cutest tounge :) Could be cause we see it a lot, but those are my favorite pictures of her!! :)

  2. Whose got one on the way? Anyone I know?

  3. I was going to say what Kelly said about Maddie... her run cracks me and Brian up all the time!

    All of our girls have the most precious eyes too by the way! Those boys are going to be fighting over all of them some day!

    We can't forget how cute Avah is when she wants more food... she will hand out a kiss and give you puppy dog eyes for a cheesy puff. ANd then say TANK YOU! How could I resist!

    Carli Grace... I have to agree with you Rachel... she is the most layed back out of all the girls... she just sits back and takes it all in...and then has a sudder burst of the WHOSE DAT!

    Brenna Bear... I agree... she will totally be like her Aunt Jenny and be in the hospital with four broken arms some day...

    And Jenna... We can't forget her cute little tounge... every picture I have of her, her tounge is out! It is the cutest little thing!!!

  4. More posts like this! Like a once a month Justice League of Babies or something (I'm a nerd, leave me alone).

    You could have themes for it each time. Each one could have a super power (baby version of course).

    Let me know if you need help writing it. I'm pretty awesome (one of my super powers).