Birthday Boy

My boy is 7 today.

Seven things of interest this year:

This year he's lost his first three the exact order he got them.

This year he really learned to read...I mean really...he reads chapter baby. Not only did he learn, but he also found his love of reading - so much more important.

This year in his final report card he managed to improve so much that I just can't stop looking at it...this year was a struggle, but he finally "got" it this last quarter.

This year he learned to ride his bike without training wheels and even though he is by far our clumsiest child he's only wrecked twice. The first time cracked his helmet, but left him uninjured. The second...well there was blood the second time.

This year he has formed such a bond with his little sister that sometimes it seems like they knew each other somewhere else, before here. She is the only person that very rarely frustrates him, that has him using all of his patience and his nicest words. I'm fairly certain she is his favorite person.

This year he has overcome the death of someone dear to him. He moves forward in a positive direction. He is resilient.

This year I still love him more than air...and he has found all kinds of new ways to show me that he loves me back.


  1. Incredible post Rachel! Happy Birthday George!!!!

  2. Seven is the most powerful magical number!

    Happy Birthday, George!

  3. Very very sweet. Happy Birthday George!

  4. I can't believe he's 7. Wow.

  5. Happy Birthday George! I loved this post!

  6. Great post missy! Can we invent a contraption to make them stay little?