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Grandma Lucille



Have a bite Momma...hey...I said a bite!!!

Birthday Boy

My boy is 7 today.

Seven things of interest this year:

This year he's lost his first three the exact order he got them.

This year he really learned to read...I mean really...he reads chapter baby. Not only did he learn, but he also found his love of reading - so much more important.

This year in his final report card he managed to improve so much that I just can't stop looking at it...this year was a struggle, but he finally "got" it this last quarter.

This year he learned to ride his bike without training wheels and even though he is by far our clumsiest child he's only wrecked twice. The first time cracked his helmet, but left him uninjured. The second...well there was blood the second time.

This year he has formed such a bond with his little sister that sometimes it seems like they knew each other somewhere else, before here. She is the only person that very rarely frustrates him, that has him using all of his patience and his nicest words. I'm fairly certain she is his favorite person.

This year he has overcome the death of someone dear to him. He moves forward in a positive direction. He is resilient.

This year I still love him more than air...and he has found all kinds of new ways to show me that he loves me back.

Happy Hump Day

Blechy! Wednesdays taste bad!!

Runner Girl

She runs and she runs.

This way and that way.

But she always comes back to Momma.

Science Experiment

See this kid...
I've mentioned before that this kid puts thought into things. He plans them out. Randomness...well it just isn't his thing. Dying Easter eggs is no exception.
Introducing...the Solar System.

Each egg is well thought out, has rings or not, spots or not, moons or not.

I can't wait to see what he comes up with next year.

Batting Practice

Come on Grandma...I'll show you how this thing works on my brothers.


As usual, the princess gets the best seat in the house.


Everyone has their own method of hunting for Easter eggs....

Some are cool, calm and collected.

And some run madly like chickens with their heads cut off...

the end result is the same.

Kids Everywhere

The answer to your question is yes...we are very used to being out numbered.

The Difference

The difference a year makes.

Last year my girl hung out with Daddy during the Easter Egg Hunt. She chilled and just took it all in.

And this year, my girl jumped right in and handled her business.

Stop It

Seriously...why are you following me??

Group Photo

Group pictures have become so common place in our life. It's hard becuase it seems like there are so many events that we can't ALL be at for one reason or another (ie. sickness, schedules, etc.), plus we often times can't get all the girls to stay put long enough to get them all together.

Here's the 3 (of the 5) that made it to the local Easter Egg Hunt. Avah was on the run, but I got it just in time.
Avah - Carli Grace - Brenna

Happy Hump Day

Wednesdays disgust me.

Things to Come

Mall first...then the pool?

Mini Me

I'm willing to bet that now you can see it...

Jokes On You

This kid has no idea those eggs are empty.

Lovey Girl

Everybody needs a good hug on a Monday morning.
Carli Grace sends you squeezes!

Mini Me

Hi Friday! Daddy and I are SO happy to see you!

Mean to Laugh

You can not know how I hard I laughed watching this.

Pictures just don't do it justice.

5k Challenge - The Race

You remember me mentioning a little thing I was training first 5k!?

And do you remember me mentioning that my friend Jamie decided to challenge me in this little endeavor?! Yeah, she looks all sweet and innocent...until you mention you might beat her at something. Then the claws come out!!

So on April 24...we warmed up.

We headed to the finish line...that's my brother Vince that decided to join us.

And that's our friend Kori (in green), Jamie's bff, that came along with her best guy. it should be Vince finished 3rd overall and kicked all our butts (let it be known this was his first run in many months because of an injury).

Then Vince...being the sweet brother that he is...decided to come back and rescue me. See I did the dumbest thing possible and started fast...even though I said I wouldn't...and then was totally gassed at the end.
But I made it.

I finished.

My first 5k...and I didn't stop, or walk, or anything the WHOLE time.

That was my goal and I accomplished.

I am so proud of that fact that I can proudly post this horrible picture of myself.

Vince walked it off with me.

And then we headed back to watch Jamie cross the finish line with her littlest man!

And then Kori!
See that...that's proud! I finished 26th overall with a time of 28:13.

So the challenge is least for now. There's a 10k in June and mention of the half in!

Happy Hump Day

Momma! Have you seen Friday??

I want it!

Her New Skill

Cheese please!!