I've mentioned quite a few times (like here, here and here) that I can be a somewhat mean aunt. Well today I feel as though I'm actually the nicest aunt on Earth, because my husband....yeah, he's actually the meanest uncle ever!! (Which is why all the kids prefer me to him - HA!)

Poor Danny...he got the brunt of mean Uncle Mike at the most recent sleepover when Mike decided to school the boys on how sleepovers should work. Now why my dear husband would think teaching seven boys to play sleepover tricks on each other would be a good idea I'll never know.But he taught them none the less. Danny was the first one asleep. I woke to sounds of him sobbing in my bathroom..."It won't come won't come off."

Pink...the poor kids nails were pink.

Sweetly Uncle Mike didn't make him suffer for long and went to work taking off all the pink nail polish.
Danny was much happier when he was finished!

I'm thinking Uncle Mike should be careful not to take a nap anytime soon.

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  1. Mike seems really good at doing nails... Strange, he doesn't have any older sisters... and he isn't Korean...

    Yeah, apparently he's gay.