5k Challenge - The Race

You remember me mentioning a little thing I was training for...my first 5k!?

And do you remember me mentioning that my friend Jamie decided to challenge me in this little endeavor?! Yeah, she looks all sweet and innocent...until you mention you might beat her at something. Then the claws come out!!

So on April 24...we warmed up.

We headed to the finish line...that's my brother Vince that decided to join us.

And that's our friend Kori (in green), Jamie's bff, that came along with her best guy.

Well...as it should be Vince finished 3rd overall and kicked all our butts (let it be known this was his first run in many months because of an injury).

Then Vince...being the sweet brother that he is...decided to come back and rescue me. See I did the dumbest thing possible and started fast...even though I said I wouldn't...and then was totally gassed at the end.
But I made it.

I finished.

My first 5k...and I didn't stop, or walk, or anything the WHOLE time.

That was my goal and I accomplished.

I am so proud of that fact that I can proudly post this horrible picture of myself.

Vince walked it off with me.

And then we headed back to watch Jamie cross the finish line with her littlest man!

And then Kori!
See that...that's proud! I finished 26th overall with a time of 28:13.

So the challenge is complete...at least for now. There's a 10k in June and mention of the half in October...help!


  1. So proud of you!! And I have to say, what a sweet brother Vince!

  2. I have been waiting and waiting for this. I think the picture of you finishing is so beautiful. Definitely one to be VERY proud of.

  3. Your mom is very proud of you. Excellent post.

  4. I am so proud of you all! Great Job!!!