Dang Cute Kids - April




Carli Grace





Happy Hump Day

Dang it Wednesday! You snuck up on me again!!

Ultimate Fighter

Yep...definitely time to stop getting together for UFC Fight Nights.


This is how you know that true Daddyhood has happened to you.

Someone says smile for the camera...you do...and you have no clue that you still have your girl's barrette attached to your shirt because your wife will have a fit if you lose it.

Welcome to fatherhood.


Did you hear the big news???

My favorite set of pigtails turned 4!!!

I have never seen that much princess stuff in one room before!

Happy Day

Hmmmm...what day is today??

Oh no!!! It's Wednesday! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!

Wait...let me check again.

Whew! My mistake! TGIF!!!


That's right...I know how to get all the little boys to follow. ;)

Carli Grace - 15 Months

I finally got around to posting these of my girl. We really only took "15 Month" pictures because I was in LOVE with her hat - and so was she. If you want to see them all, click here.


I'm okay...no really...I got this...um...a little help please!!!


Little boys...

Big boys...

...brothers just the same.


My brother Vince noticed some straw sticking out of his grill the other day.

He opened it and found that he now had a bird condo on his deck.

That is SOME nest!!!

3 Pretties

I love, love, love taking pictures. And these girls...they are fabulous subjects.

Their Mommy forces me to take their pics every spring...and every fall.

It's a rough life a lead.

This spring was even more special cause Olivia...well I'll let her tell you.

That's right. Olivia just turned one!!!

I can't wait for fall! To see the rest of their pics click here.


Sometimes I just want to star in my own blog.


Seriously Momma...can I just eat in peace?!?

My Cheapskate Husband

In case you haven't heard, Mike and I are working hard to get our budget under control. We've both downloaded AceBudget on our iPhones and we can sync to each other so we each always know where we are as far as our Grocery, Spending and Gasoline budget. It's a fabulous thing...really.

Now controlling your spending is great...but lets face it folks...sometimes you just need a little treat. Last Sunday...I wanted a treat. All I asked for was a mini blizzard from DQ. Not much...$1.99. Mike, however, assures me that we don't need to spend the money on a blizzard when we can make one at home. So he went to work.

Pouring milk, Reece's Pieces,
and ice cream.
Stirring.And tasting.

Now to him this was satisfactory...but I maintain that sometimes you just have to splurge.


My newest nephew...Charlie.

For the rest of the photos you can click here.