Like Mother, Like Daughter

Let me tell you the funniest thing I've seen lately.

Let's talk about Brenna. Brenna Bear as we so affectionately call her.

After dinner a few weeks ago, Brenna got ahold of a cup of milk that was sitting on the kitchen table. Four adults...all of them parents (myself included) and no one thought to push the milk back to where the babies couldn't get it...but that's not the point. If you look closely you'll see that Brenna not only got the cup...but she then dumped the whole thing on her head.

That's funny...right!?!? But not the funniest part.

You see this is the funniest part.

Sammie...immediately gets a towel and gets to cleaning...because Sammie is her Mother's Daughter...FOR SURE! Only three year old I know who makes her dolls bed's with hospital corners and folds their blankets with more precision then I fold anything I own.

It's so funny the little quirks our children get from us.


  1. Love it!! :) That is such a cute picture of Brenna Bear too! :)

  2. Too Funny! Poor Brenna Bear! Love that picture of her though.

  3. That is an awesome pic of Brenna Bear!