Introducing Mr. Charlie Sutphin

This is my bff, Bridget. Friday...she patiently awaited a surprise c-section.

Her best guy...Ben...also waited. Although I'd say Ben waited more like I did...nervous as all get out and watching time drag by.
That little window...yeah, behind that glass my girl was cut open and another adorable Sutphin was born.
Once Charlie arrived he was transported over to Children's Hospital. If you could have seen the labyrinth we walked thru you'd know it is a miracle Ben and I made it back to Barnes!
Here's Charlie upon arrival at the NICU. He was so funny...he'd scream and scream...and then if they opened the little door...he stopped screaming. I'm thinking he's gonna be social like his momma.

All tucked in at the NICU.
And this is Mr. Charlie after his surgery. Sweet as can be and just as adorable as every other Sutphin baby.

6 pounds, 5 ounces
18.5 inches

Another boy...that makes eight.


  1. Welcome to the world sweet baby Charlie! You are just perfect!!

  2. adorable!!! awesome pictures as always Rachel! You are going to turn yourself in to the newborn photographer too!!

  3. So glad to see pics of this sweet little man. Thanks for sharing, Rachel!