5k Challenge - Week 9

Let me tell you what a crummy workout week I've had. I could try and find something to blame it on...but really...I'm just not feeling it. This week...many nights...I just didn't want to workout. No, that's not true...I wanted to workout...I just didn't want to sweat, get off the couch, or tie my tennis shoes. And when I did want to go run...I wanted to do it outside...problem is - I run the same time that Mike goes to the gym so that confines me to the house (cause our kids are sleeping). The rational was this - it's 50 degrees outside at 9 p.m....that's to pretty to run inside. So I sat...a lot. I went to bed early...3 times. I enjoyed the beautiful weather with my family, but that involved walking at a snail's pace holding the hand of a 15 month old...and frankly - I'm perfectly okay with that. So all I can really say is...next week I'll do better.

Sunday - 1.5 Mile walk with my girl
Monday - Nothing
Tuesday - Nothing
Wednesday - 3 Miles, 40 Minutes
Thursday -2.8 Miles, 28 Minutes
Friday - Nothing
Saturday - 3.8 Miles, 31 Minutes

Total workout time: 114 Minutes
Total distance: 11.1 Miles
Longest run: 3.2 Miles
Weight Change: -1 pound....I'm down a total of 9.

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