5k Challenge - Week 8

Sunday - Nothing
Monday - 3 Miles - 40 minutes
Tuesday - Cardio and Power Sculpting Class - 60 Minutes
Wednesday - Nothing
Thursday - Nothing
Friday - 2.8 Miles - 40 Minutes
Saturday - 3.8 Miles - 42 Minutes

Total Distance: 9.6 Miles
Total Workout Time: 182 Minutes
Longest Run: 3.1 Miles
Total Weight Change: Zippo...but man do my clothes fit differently

You can't even know how excited I was when I got home Saturday night. I was my first outdoor run in this beautiful spring weather. And it was AWESOME! Is running outside harder...heck yes. Is it much less boring...for sure. Is this weather so pleasant it's almost fun...um YEAH...and what has happened to me that I'll say that running is fun?? Crazy!

And to top my week off...before I left Saturday night I had on my running tights and a sweatshirt. Danny says, "Aunt Rachel, you look hot!".

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