5k Challenge - Week 11

Sunday - Hamstring injury has taken over my life!!!!

Monday - 1.5 Miles before I was interrupted by blood and loose teeth. 14 Minutes.

Tuesday - Treadmill:1 Mile - 9 Minutes. Elliptical: 2.7 Miles - 30 Minutes. Additional 30 minutes of abs and low back. - I love gym days with Kelly!!

Wednesday - After my girl went to bed I started my evening watching Biggest Loser, but I can't seem to finish that show without feeling guilty for sitting on my rear eating an entire pint of raspberries....so I got up and Shredded. Man shredding is easier then it used to be!!

Thursday - Ended up being my lazy night...really it was my crabby night...so a run would've probably helped. .8 mile walk with my family.

Friday - I was supposed to be at the gym with Kelly, but she got a migraine and had to cancel. So I headed out for a late night run. It was a great night to run! 2.4 in 22:30.

Saturday - No workout. Shame on me. I did go for a 1 mile walk with my girl.

Total Workout Time: 155 Minutes
Total Distance: 9.4 Miles
Longest Run: 2.4 miles
Total Weight Change: I'm 3 pounds from my goal weight! Woohoo!!!

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  1. Awesome job. Your pace is going to kill me. 9 min mile. Geesh!