5k Challenge - Week 10

Sunday - 2.4 Miles, 22:15
Monday - Got very engrossed in Last Song...and stayed up till a ridiculous hour finishing it. Good books screw up my workout routine!!
Tuesday - 35 Minutes of the elliptical and 15 Minutes of Strength
Wednesday - 2 mile fun run...I think it took me about 18 minutes.
Thursday - Pumped Up - Cardio and Weight Class and a 0.8 mile walk with my family
Friday and Saturday were a bust. Partly because my bff had a baby...yeah! And partly because I injured my hamstring during Thursday's class and have been walking funny ever since. I'm hoping to run again tonight...we'll see.

Total Miles: 5.2
Total Time: 140 Minutes
Longest Run: 2.4 Miles
Total Weight Loss: I'm down a total of a little over nine pounds...and dropped into a new bracket this week...it's called the PRECARLIGRACE bracket.

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