5k Challenge - Drama

Tonight I had what was surely the most exciting run of my life. Exciting because it involved sweat...yep, lots of sweat...from me. A good speed...yep, I was for sure going to beat my personal best. And blood...oh, and loose teeth. Good times. So picture this.

I'm coming up on a mile and a half. My boy runs downstairs and asks if I can change the movie he's watching. Sure...no problem. So I jump my feet to the rails...turn back towards my laptop to pause my show and turn to realize that my boy is no longer next to me...and then the thunk, thunk, thunk. That's the noise a treadmill makes when you six year old tries to jump on it...while it's at speed 6. The first thunk is his knees. The second his hands. The third...yep, you guessed it. The third was his face...mouth to be really precise. This all happened so fast that by the time I turned around...he was on the ground....clutching his face...with hands that were very shortly thereafter filled with blood.

The only good news....he was gonna lose those teeth anyway.


  1. Poor baby boy. Please tell him his Grandma loves him.

  2. Oh no!!! When I saw your tweet I thought it was you!!!!

  3. I WAS SOOO Hoping it was you! :) Just so I could give you Sh*t! Poor George... Why didn't mommy turn OFF the treadmill! :)