Dang Cute Kids - March 2010



Carli Grace




Happy Hump Day

The face says it all.

Waiting for Wednesday

Brenna: Tomorrow's Hump Day Carli Grace...what are we gonna do?!

CG: I guess we just sit here and wait for it.



I know you see it now....um, right?

5k Challenge - Week 11

Sunday - Hamstring injury has taken over my life!!!!

Monday - 1.5 Miles before I was interrupted by blood and loose teeth. 14 Minutes.

Tuesday - Treadmill:1 Mile - 9 Minutes. Elliptical: 2.7 Miles - 30 Minutes. Additional 30 minutes of abs and low back. - I love gym days with Kelly!!

Wednesday - After my girl went to bed I started my evening watching Biggest Loser, but I can't seem to finish that show without feeling guilty for sitting on my rear eating an entire pint of raspberries....so I got up and Shredded. Man shredding is easier then it used to be!!

Thursday - Ended up being my lazy night...really it was my crabby night...so a run would've probably helped. .8 mile walk with my family.

Friday - I was supposed to be at the gym with Kelly, but she got a migraine and had to cancel. So I headed out for a late night run. It was a great night to run! 2.4 in 22:30.

Saturday - No workout. Shame on me. I did go for a 1 mile walk with my girl.

Total Workout Time: 155 Minutes
Total Distance: 9.4 Miles
Longest Run: 2.4 miles
Total Weight Change: I'm 3 pounds from my goal weight! Woohoo!!!

Blankie Thief

I've been robbed!!!

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Let me tell you the funniest thing I've seen lately.

Let's talk about Brenna. Brenna Bear as we so affectionately call her.

After dinner a few weeks ago, Brenna got ahold of a cup of milk that was sitting on the kitchen table. Four adults...all of them parents (myself included) and no one thought to push the milk back to where the babies couldn't get it...but that's not the point. If you look closely you'll see that Brenna not only got the cup...but she then dumped the whole thing on her head.

That's funny...right!?!? But not the funniest part.

You see this is the funniest part.

Sammie...immediately gets a towel and gets to cleaning...because Sammie is her Mother's Daughter...FOR SURE! Only three year old I know who makes her dolls bed's with hospital corners and folds their blankets with more precision then I fold anything I own.

It's so funny the little quirks our children get from us.

Scary Stories

Oh my goodness! Scary!
I hope she hurries up and gets to the part where Big Bird saves the day!



Ticked Off Face

This is so unfair!!! I should be at home, with my stocking cap and pink pjs...waiting for Wednesday to end! Who wears a party dress on a Wednesday!!!

Happy Hump Day

If I sit here long enough....Wednesday will end.

I'm waiting.

Introducing Mr. Charlie Sutphin

This is my bff, Bridget. Friday...she patiently awaited a surprise c-section.

Her best guy...Ben...also waited. Although I'd say Ben waited more like I did...nervous as all get out and watching time drag by.
That little window...yeah, behind that glass my girl was cut open and another adorable Sutphin was born.
Once Charlie arrived he was transported over to Children's Hospital. If you could have seen the labyrinth we walked thru you'd know it is a miracle Ben and I made it back to Barnes!
Here's Charlie upon arrival at the NICU. He was so funny...he'd scream and scream...and then if they opened the little door...he stopped screaming. I'm thinking he's gonna be social like his momma.

All tucked in at the NICU.
And this is Mr. Charlie after his surgery. Sweet as can be and just as adorable as every other Sutphin baby.

6 pounds, 5 ounces
18.5 inches

Another boy...that makes eight.


You want to know a secret...we own four of these. Yep, we own four remotes and right this very second there is a good chance that someone is our house is looking for one.

You know why? Cause I'm a GREAT hider!

The remotes are always lost...and George should find his DS by the time he graduates high school.....oooh better yet...by the time I'm old enough to play it.

5k Challenge - Drama

Tonight I had what was surely the most exciting run of my life. Exciting because it involved sweat...yep, lots of sweat...from me. A good speed...yep, I was for sure going to beat my personal best. And blood...oh, and loose teeth. Good times. So picture this.

I'm coming up on a mile and a half. My boy runs downstairs and asks if I can change the movie he's watching. Sure...no problem. So I jump my feet to the rails...turn back towards my laptop to pause my show and turn to realize that my boy is no longer next to me...and then the thunk, thunk, thunk. That's the noise a treadmill makes when you six year old tries to jump on it...while it's at speed 6. The first thunk is his knees. The second his hands. The third...yep, you guessed it. The third was his face...mouth to be really precise. This all happened so fast that by the time I turned around...he was on the ground....clutching his face...with hands that were very shortly thereafter filled with blood.

The only good news....he was gonna lose those teeth anyway.

Better Late

Well...I'm finally getting around to posting some Christmas pictures. Glad to have that done before Easter!

As has been the norm since Benny was born...we've added a kid every Christmas. I remember worrying how that would work out with adding pink to the group photos. But we figured it out.

Here is - Benny, Andrew, Jake, George, Danny

Stephen, Tucker, Carli Grace and last year's addition Miss Jenna!

5k Challenge - Week 10

Sunday - 2.4 Miles, 22:15
Monday - Got very engrossed in Last Song...and stayed up till a ridiculous hour finishing it. Good books screw up my workout routine!!
Tuesday - 35 Minutes of the elliptical and 15 Minutes of Strength
Wednesday - 2 mile fun run...I think it took me about 18 minutes.
Thursday - Pumped Up - Cardio and Weight Class and a 0.8 mile walk with my family
Friday and Saturday were a bust. Partly because my bff had a baby...yeah! And partly because I injured my hamstring during Thursday's class and have been walking funny ever since. I'm hoping to run again tonight...we'll see.

Total Miles: 5.2
Total Time: 140 Minutes
Longest Run: 2.4 Miles
Total Weight Loss: I'm down a total of a little over nine pounds...and dropped into a new bracket this week...it's called the PRECARLIGRACE bracket.

Till Monday

Don't be sad...I'll be back on Monday!
See you then!

Boy Stuff

Her silver sparkly slippers didn't go with her hat.


What?? Like you don't wish you could leave your desk right now, curl up in a basket and read a good book. Jealous much?!?!?


You'll have to excuse me. I feel like being selfish today...so I'm just going to post a pictures I like to look at. As a good blog hostess I should probably worry about my readers...but I feel like being selfish today. Tough.


My girl loves peas.

She can down this can so fast you won't even know what happened.

It's one of the few foods she will not share with the dog.

But she will share with Momma...if I ask really nice.

Unfortunately Momma doesn't share her love of peas.

The things we do for our babies.

Happy Hump Day

Wednesday...I'm kicking you out...don't let the door hit ya!

Little Boys

I love...love...love having little boys in my life.

...their basis for enjoyment is just so simple...

...a set of steps, a toy car, 30 minutes of entertainment...

Unless your mean aunt ruins it by taking pictures.

Pumpkin Pie