5k Challenge - Week 5

I'm pretty happy with this week's progress. I'm getting excited about the possibility that I can actually complete a 5k without having to walk any of it. I also joined the local gym so I could take the classes there. I did my first one Saturday morning and let me tell you...it was AWESOME! I'm such a social person that these group type setting are really more for me then being on a treadmill in my basement...alone. Not to mention the trainer really kicked our butts...and yelled a bit so I felt like Jillian was there. Now a lot of this week had to do with us having a very light social calendar so I was able to workout everyday, but I also looked forward to it everyday - which is a change!

Sunday - C25k 1.8 Miles
Monday - C25k 1.8 Miles
Tuesday - Yoga/Pilates Class
Wednesday - C25k 2.1 Miles
Thursday - C25k 1.8 Miles
Friday - C25k 2.5 Miles (2 of which I ran straight thru!!! The other half mile was my warm-up and cool down.)
Saturday - Power Sculpting and Cardio Class at Rhino Fitness - so fun! and a butt kicker...loved it!!

Total Workout Time: 294 Minutes
Total Distance: 10 Miles
Total Weight Change: Down 2 more pounds. :)
Longest Run: 2 Miles


  1. Aww, my widdle sista is turning into an athlete!!!

  2. Wow! you made quite the progress this week. So proud of you!

  3. WOW! Rachel... I'm so proud of you! You are doing AWESOME!

  4. Awesome job! Maybe next year I can get in on some of the action...no promises though!