Morning Conversation

Me: George can you go get my shoes off the dryer.
....he scurries off....comes back...hands them to Carli Grace and says...
G: Here Princess. Give Momma her shoes.
...she gives me my shoes...
Me: Well I feel like Cinderella this morning.
A: Where's your dress?
Me: I don't like dresses.
G: Why not? They're girly.
Me: Am I girly?
G: NO!
A: You are womeny.


Hmmmm.....anybody seen Carli Grace???
She's been missing for a few days.

Happy Hump Day

Another Wednesday! I'm not even getting out of bed!

9 to 5

Happy Monday! Back to work!

5k Challenge - Week 6

Sunday - Day of Rest
Monday - 2.2 Miles - 33 Minutes (always includes a 2 minute warm-up and 5 minute cool down)
Tuesday - Power Sculpting and Cardio Class - LOVE!
Wednesday - 2.5 Miles - 35 Minutes
Thursday - Went to George and Reba concert!
Friday - Zumba Class
Saturday - Workout was disturbed by a girl who wouldn't sleep.

Total Workout Time: 173 Minutes
Total Distance: 4.7 Miles
Total Weight Change: -7 pounds (and -4.5 inches)


Happy Friday!!!

Kuma Tai

Andrew takes karate.

Did you know that?

So this year he decided that I didn't need boring old posed pictures.

I just needed pictures of him doing his kuma tai.

Family pictures have become so interesting.


Hmmm...this looks promising.

Just a little closer...

Oh yeah, this is gonna be fun...

Okay...seriously you not know you should have stopped me and said "no-no" by now. Geez! Do I have to do everything around here!!?!?

Naked Baby

I feel so exposed!



Oh, Uncle Vince...don't look directly at encourage this ridiculous, out of control, photographing fool behavior.

Happy Hump Day

Carli Grace is right...Wednesdays stink.


On any given Saturday night our house overflows with silliness.

The kids see me come around with my camera and drama begins.

Even the little ones get in on this action.

Not a single one of them can just look at me...and smile.

Quick Question

Do these pj's make my butt look big?

Day of Rest

Excuse me...I had a long weekend....

...I think I'm gonna take the day off and relax.

See you tomorrow!

5k Challenge - Week 5

I'm pretty happy with this week's progress. I'm getting excited about the possibility that I can actually complete a 5k without having to walk any of it. I also joined the local gym so I could take the classes there. I did my first one Saturday morning and let me tell was AWESOME! I'm such a social person that these group type setting are really more for me then being on a treadmill in my basement...alone. Not to mention the trainer really kicked our butts...and yelled a bit so I felt like Jillian was there. Now a lot of this week had to do with us having a very light social calendar so I was able to workout everyday, but I also looked forward to it everyday - which is a change!

Sunday - C25k 1.8 Miles
Monday - C25k 1.8 Miles
Tuesday - Yoga/Pilates Class
Wednesday - C25k 2.1 Miles
Thursday - C25k 1.8 Miles
Friday - C25k 2.5 Miles (2 of which I ran straight thru!!! The other half mile was my warm-up and cool down.)
Saturday - Power Sculpting and Cardio Class at Rhino Fitness - so fun! and a butt kicker...loved it!!

Total Workout Time: 294 Minutes
Total Distance: 10 Miles
Total Weight Change: Down 2 more pounds. :)
Longest Run: 2 Miles

My Valentine

Sometimes our focus is different.

Sometimes our focus is each other.

Sometimes my focus is too serious...and he lightens me up.

All times we strive to have our focus be our future...looking forward...together. It's not always perfect...but we strive to move in the same direction.

Happy Valentine's Day to you all...and especially to my one true Valentine.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks

We're introducing the girls to the blogging world early.

Sock Monster

Do you have a sock monster at your house?

Do socks you know had matches going in the washer come out alone?

Do you have a mountain of unmatched mates sitting in your laundry room?

Are you up late at night trying to figure out just where, oh, where those socks could have gone?

If so, you may have a sock monster at your house.

We named ours Carli Grace.

Where's Your Belly?

It's one o' you know where your belly is?


What do you mean you're too tired to push me anymore?

Go find me a brother then.

Can You See It Now?

When I twist her like this...

...and then shake her bit...

...and then just swing her around really quick...

....then can you see a resemblance?

Happy Hump Day


Whose Sippy Cup?

Like stealing candy from a baby.

5k Challenge - Week 4

Sunday - None
Monday - C25k
Tuesday - C25k + Shred
Wednesday - C25k
Thursday - C25k (that involved a 20 minute long run....never have I run for that long at one time!!!) + Shred
Friday - None
Saturday - Didn't happen...should've...but didn't - (I made up for it on Sunday!)

Total Workout Time: 180 Minutes
Total Distance: 6.4 Miles
Total Weight Change: Zip...nada...zilch... ;(

My Friends Love Me

My friends - they try so hard to ignore me...

They silently wish I'd just go take pictures of their kids...

Sometimes they not so silently wish I'd go take pictures of their kids.

Sometimes they humor me.

Daddy's Shoes

Nobody can fill my Daddy's shoes!

And that is not a dig on his size 13 feet. ;)

My Serious Girl

I think it is time to break up some misconceptions...

We can start with this one...

I know it is hard to believe based on this blog....

But my girl...

Is NOT always serious!