On Monday I called my friend Jamie. I sweetly said I wanted to run a 5k...and we should train and run it inspiration. Jamie turned that into a challenge. One minute she's on the phone with me telling me how we can laugh, giggle and kibitz while doing our 5k...and it will go by so fast because we're together. The next minute...the girl calls me out. She thinks I'm "...going down!!!" I'm appalled by this behavior...scratch that...I'm fired up by this behavior!!!

So we report on Mondays. Our guys have to keep us honest. And on April 24 I'll be blowing the doors off sweet Mrs. H. Feel sorry for her guys. Girl's going down!!!!!

It's on!


  1. Done and Done!!! You are going down missy!

  2. Do you need to call in a professional...?

  3. Good luck, I'm sure you'll do amazing! Oh, and even though I may be partial, I'm on Team RACHEL :)