The Challenge - Week 1 step closer to April 24th and my first 5k. I can't tell you how excited I am! really...I am!! Jamie's challenge was just the push I needed to get my butt in gear. My sister-in-law has dubbed herself on Team Rachel...for the rest of you...after comparing my week to Jamie's I don't blame you if you jump ship, but I assure you...I'll finish with a bang. Girl's going down!!!

Sunday - C25k
Monday - C25k
Tuesday - Biggest Loser's Cardio Max - Seriously...if you've desired to be able to bounce a quarter off your rear end DO THIS VIDEO!!
Wednesday - C25k - which was freaking hard as heck after Tuesday's Cardio Max!!!
Thursday - 20 minute ab workout
Friday - Nothing...went out to dinner and stuffed my face for my anniversary. And loved every second of it.
Saturday - Long Run...5k in 55 minutes. Not thrilling, but I can't tell you how accomplished I felt when it was over!!

Total Workout Time: 195 minutes - (Jamie did 124 minutes)
Miles Completed: 7.6 miles - (Jamie - 10.18 miles)
Weight Change: -1 Pound
Longest Run: Well I tracked this in time...4 minutes straight, but Jamie tracked in distance, so I'll have to do that this week. (Jamie - .5 miles)


  1. I am darn proud of you girl. I can't wait for you to try and kick my butt!!!

  2. Very proud of both of you, sorry but I can't pick a I will be on Team Challenge.

  3. I kind of laughed a little when I read the "long run: 3.1 miles" thing. My long runs are like... 13-18 miles... But then I remembered you aren't a runner. It is awesome that you are doing what you are to get in shape.

    Keep it up (both of you (but... Rachel more-so))!!!

  4. Awesome for both of you! This should give me some entertainment for the next few months!