Amazing Friends

You've been here long enough to know that I have AMAZING friends. I mean I've mentioned it here...and here.

One of the things that makes our little group work so well is our differences. We kind of fill in the gaps for each other...some of us are creative, some are organized, some make great brownines, some make great appetizers...see all of these differences are very necessary. And we appreciate them. For example...

I appreciate that some of my friends (Kelly) are very shoes, black socks, black pants.
And some...who shall remain nameless...oh, but here's a picture of Jenny I'm just throwing in for no reason - wink wink...

...are less matchy-matchy and more burst of color.
See, it is our differences that make us such great friends.


  1. Oh Rachel... You are in so much trouble... You just wait! :)

  2. I love this post! It's cute Jenny!

  3. Too cute... I particularly like that I'm all Matchy-match, but my blacks in this picture are showing their age, so they seem to be all different colors :) Oh and Jenny - you failed to mention that your pink socks were coordinated that day! :)