5k Challenge - Week 2

Sunday - C25k
Monday - Jillian Michaels' No More Trouble Zones
Tuesday - C25k
Wednesday - My brother, who is supposed to be on my side in this whole thing...showed up with chicken wings. Chicken wings + working out...not good. So I took the night off and ate my weight in chicken wings.
Thursday - Shred...wanted to run, but didn't get time until kids were all in bed and the treadmill is loud and sits outside Andrew's room. So I shredded instead.
Friday - Um...girl's night...again...ate my weight at the hibachi grill.
Saturday - Well...that was kind of an extension of Friday...you know - being out till 3 a.m.

Right so above there are a WHOLE lot of excuses. But don't worry...I'm back on track this week. In fact, I C25k'd around my kitchen last night so I could watch the Saints Vikings game. Yes - I'm serious.

Total Workout Time: 130 minutes
Miles Completed:
3 Miles
Total Weight Change:
-4 pounds

Definitely have to step it up a notch this week...the 2nd week's always the hardest I hear.

1 comment:

  1. I'm proud of you for doing something most days of the week. I am also very thankful for Vince! (haha)

    This week is your week, I can feel it, I feel like crap so you will most definitely outshine me. Off Sunday and Monday so far. Work tomorrow, so I will most likely take off again.