Put on your dancin shoes! It's Friday! Time to party!

Dang Cute Kids - January 2010

Andrew Brenna

Maddie Carli Grace



What I Am

It's been previously mentioned here and here that I'm a mean aunt. I'm really not sure why people think that.

I mean really all I ask is that when you come to my house...

...if you drool on my coffee table...

...you clean it up.

Is that mean??

Our Snacker

Have you ever let one of your kids do something that you know you probably shouldn't let them do...but you allow it anyway for the ten minutes of peace you get out of the deal?

Ten minutes...you can use to finish blow drying your hair.

Ten minutes...you can make dinner using both hands!!

Ten minutes...if you are a mom...you can fold two loads of laundry, send a kid to put them away, prepare everyone's stuff for the next day, sign off on homework, load the dishwasher and wipe the kitchen table.

So the real question...is that ten minutes worth the time it will take you to calm her down from taking the Pop Tart away, get the Pop Tart out of her hair, put all your canned goods back, sweep the floor and listen to her sit outside the pantry door and whine for more?!?


Happy Hump Day

I'm barely holding on. I just can't take another Wednesday!

Just A Little Farther

I know there's a remote here somewhere.

What I Am

Remember when I mentioned that I was not a nice Aunt.

Well just in case you didn't believe me...here is further proof.

Now this situation in itself is absolutely adorable. Jenna's barrette came out and Stevie decided to "fix" it.

I mean there is nothing wrong with a boy helping his sister out. It's adorable!

Problem is...Stevie hates my camera. Runs from it. And that makes me a mean aunt...even though he is a great big brother.

The Look I Get

Sometimes I feel like people just humor me. They see my camera...they see me...and they say fine...whatever..here's a little grin so you'll get out of my face. They know if they really cheese it up I'll stick around...they know if they are too goofy they'll end up on my blog. So they just humor me...give me a little half grin, so I'll move on to someone more interesting.

Case and Point:

This is my BFF:

This is my girl:

5k Challenge - Week 2

Sunday - C25k
Monday - Jillian Michaels' No More Trouble Zones
Tuesday - C25k
Wednesday - My brother, who is supposed to be on my side in this whole thing...showed up with chicken wings. Chicken wings + working out...not good. So I took the night off and ate my weight in chicken wings.
Thursday - Shred...wanted to run, but didn't get time until kids were all in bed and the treadmill is loud and sits outside Andrew's room. So I shredded instead.
Friday - Um...girl's night...again...ate my weight at the hibachi grill.
Saturday - Well...that was kind of an extension of Friday...you know - being out till 3 a.m.

Right so above there are a WHOLE lot of excuses. But don't worry...I'm back on track this week. In fact, I C25k'd around my kitchen last night so I could watch the Saints Vikings game. Yes - I'm serious.

Total Workout Time: 130 minutes
Miles Completed:
3 Miles
Total Weight Change:
-4 pounds

Definitely have to step it up a notch this week...the 2nd week's always the hardest I hear.

Bonnie and Bonnie

Go Brenna! Hit it!!

Let's Party

Happy dance people...it's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who Will They Be

Our boys love to play games. Digital...board...doesn't really matter.

One ponders. Thinks. Tries to decide where he'll do the most damage at that moment.

The other plots. Strategizes. Worries about the long term effects.

Every time I watch it I wonder if it tells me who they'll be when the grow up.


My BFF and her husband have four boys...number five is on the way.

That's a lot of testosterone in one house. Then you add in our two boys. Yikes!

You know why we get along so well with my BFF and her husband.

Cause he knows how to lay down the law and keep little boys in line. And the man truly enjoys his work.

Hours of Entertainment

45 minutes people. She entertained herself for 45 minutes with a free flashlight.

Tell me again why I buy toys??

Soccer Season

I'm ready for Spring soccer...how about you?!

Happy Hump Day

I am not pleased...not pleased at all.


My girl...like every other little girl...loves to play with her dolls.

She stands them all up.Talks to each one individually.And then bites their heads off. It's possible she spends too much time with her brothers.

3 Truths and 2 Lies - Revealed

Finally I'm getting around to this! I only had two correct answers...well actually three, but Mike didn't post his online. So Kathy and Kelly...you girls are either good guessers are really listen when I talk.

1. I leave voicemails from Mike and George on my phone until they leave another one. - TRUTH - Yes, I'm aware that this makes me a worry wart...but I've lost someone before and being able to call voicemail and hear a voice is really helpful.

2. I always push toothpaste up from the bottom. - LIE - I'm a middle pusher...drives my husband insane!

3. I've never potty trained a child. - TRUTH - George potty trained himself. Woke up on Thanksgiving and said he didn't want to wear diapers anymore.

4. I once died myself orange. - TRUTH - Very unfortunate incident with self tanner...it wasn't pretty.

5. I dislike Branson with a passion. - LIE - Secretly...I love it. Great childhood memories.

Decent Picture

I love this kid. He likes to make goofy faces which totally reminds me of my Dad.

I love this kid. He can be so sweet and loving.

And then he REALLY reminds me of my Dad...by irritating the bajeebus out of me.

But don't worry. I take charge. I whip him back into shape. He knows who's boss.

Amazing Friends

You've been here long enough to know that I have AMAZING friends. I mean I've mentioned it enough...here...and here...and here.

One of the things that makes our little group work so well is our differences. We kind of fill in the gaps for each other...some of us are creative, some are organized, some make great brownines, some make great appetizers...see all of these differences are very necessary. And we appreciate them. For example...

I appreciate that some of my friends (Kelly) are very matchy-matchy...black shoes, black socks, black pants.
And some...who shall remain nameless...oh, but here's a picture of Jenny I'm just throwing in for no reason - wink wink...

...are less matchy-matchy and more burst of color.
See, it is our differences that make us such great friends.

The Challenge - Week 1

So...one step closer to April 24th and my first 5k. I can't tell you how excited I am!...no really...I am!! Jamie's challenge was just the push I needed to get my butt in gear. My sister-in-law has dubbed herself on Team Rachel...for the rest of you...after comparing my week to Jamie's I don't blame you if you jump ship, but I assure you...I'll finish with a bang. Girl's going down!!!

Sunday - C25k
Monday - C25k
Tuesday - Biggest Loser's Cardio Max - Seriously...if you've desired to be able to bounce a quarter off your rear end DO THIS VIDEO!!
Wednesday - C25k - which was freaking hard as heck after Tuesday's Cardio Max!!!
Thursday - 20 minute ab workout
Friday - Nothing...went out to dinner and stuffed my face for my anniversary. And loved every second of it.
Saturday - Long Run...5k in 55 minutes. Not thrilling, but I can't tell you how accomplished I felt when it was over!!

Total Workout Time: 195 minutes - (Jamie did 124 minutes)
Miles Completed: 7.6 miles - (Jamie - 10.18 miles)
Weight Change: -1 Pound
Longest Run: Well I tracked this in time...4 minutes straight, but Jamie tracked in distance, so I'll have to do that this week. (Jamie - .5 miles)

The Ballard Head

When she goes over...plops down...and just hangs out with him....
...it makes my heart smile.

Santa is Not My Friend

Has anyone seen a really fat man around here in a red suit?
Momma says I "get" to sit on his lap!!
Oh, there he is. Wait...I don't think I....
Put me down old man!!! Put me down!!!