Happy New Year!

Well it's the last post of the year...let's party like rockstars!!

My Dang Cute Kids - December 2009

Start 'Em Young

Ah, to kick back and relax and have the work put into raising children come to fruition. He does dishes too!
*I feel it important to note that I don't shovel snow - never have, never will. So technically my husband gets to kick back and relax...not me.

Happy Hump Day

Hello Wednesday...I sure didn't miss ya!


Has anyone seen a couple of brothers around here? I seem to have lost mine.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!

Has it Happened Yet?

Anything? At all?

Happy Hump Day!

No really! Happy Hump Day...cause this Hump Day is like a Friday!! Woohoo!!

My Friends Didn't Tell Me

It's always interesting to get my camera back after it has been in someone else's hand.

I never know what I'm gonna find.

And it tends to raise certain questions for me.

For instance -

Do I look like this often??

Don't Make Eye Contact

Hmmm...it crunches...and he likes it...maybe I'd like it?
I know how to work this...

Just keep looking at the camera and no one will notice a thing.

CityGarden 2009

Thanksgiving Morning

In the spirit of Christmas I thought I'd finally get some Thanksgiving pictures up.

Our Thanksgiving morning was spent with our normal mix of breakfast events...

Grandma TimeDecorations

Football Eating...Lots of Eating!
And Pa Pa Cooking (Pa Pa cooks really well!!)

We Belong Together

Momma we go together like polka dots and stripes...wait...that doesn't match!

Momma we go together like apples and pie!!!

I Dare You

Are you familiar with the term crazy eyes?

Daddy's are a Girl's First True Love

Family Photos

Can you please tell me that I'm not the only one whose family photo session involves UFC moves...

and an escape artist?

Dang Cute Kids - At the City Garden

Happy Hump Day

You think a Wednesday is bad...my head is stuck in an apple!

Decisions, Decisions

Hmmm...shall I poop in the tub tonight or give Momma a break???
Decisions, decisions.

An Apple Picking Day

My Mother and I took George, Mark and Carli Grace apple picking in October (don't judge...I've had photo shoots to edit!) while Mike was off golfing.

It was a beautiful day! I still remember going last year...8 months pregnant. I must say - I enjoyed this year's tractor ride a lot more.

How tall this fall is a must for us!

Mommies and Babies

Defending Her Turf

That's right! And you stay off my Mommy!!!

Shiny Things

So what you are telling me is that you put it here, lite it up, and covered it in
shiny things...but I can't touch it....this makes no sense to me!

Missing No Meals

Cake! I heard the word Cake!!!!

I miss summer


I'm surrounded by four mommies.
Does anyone help me...NO!
They just take pictures.
This is getting out of hand!!!

good friends

Don't worry Maddie...I'm guarding the presents for you!!