Kathy and Travis' Wedding

A few weeks ago I made my husband and my girl get all dressed up to head to Kathy and Travis' wedding reception. This was a HUGE deal to me cause I get to see my husband in dress pants and a collared shirt for two reasons...weddings and funerals. So I love, love, love!!! having a happy reason to see him all cleaned up. Now my girl on the other hand...her I dress up all the time, but this was the first time Daddy tried putting tights on her...she lived and I finished the job. My bff was in the wedding and she looked BEAUTIFUL!

By reception her littlest ring bearer was just plain exhausted.

But this ring bearer...well he and his brothers cut a rug for a good part of the evening. I tried to convince Uncle Mike to teach them the worm, but he claimed back trouble and something about needing to be able to work on Monday.

But I assure you, they figured it out all on their own....