Last week I had a VERY rough day. It was an anniversary day that for some reason hit me harder than it had the past eight times it's happened.

My best girls...they each checked on me. They each gave me some different piece of something to think about. They each said something got pissed with me...and one said I'm here, I'll listen, but I have no idea what to say. Selfishly I must say I get something different from each of my best girls...that is why I need each of them. And that is why I love them and that is why I pray our girls can be friends like that.

To stand by each other...

To stand up to one another...

To comfort each other...

And to give each other a swift booty bump when that's what they need...


  1. You really wanted another excuse to use the pics from the window sill again didn't you?

  2. Ok, I officially teared up at this one, too cute, too sweet. I hope our girls are even half as lucky as we have been in our friendships. :)

  3. I just looked at the pictures again... and teared up... those are such cute pictures. It will be so fun to show them to them when they are older! :) We are so blessed to have all these girls!