I'm so proud

There are no words...just one silly Pa Pa.

Dang Cute Kids - November 2009

George Brenna


come on!

Mommy says it's nice to share....

Defending Her Turf

Mommy...you want to explain to me what Brenna is doing on MY lap?!?!

bragging is a problem of mine

It's kind of like bragging...but, dang he looked good at that wedding!

games with daddy

poor girls

But Daddy!! We were playing with that!!

can't get away from that face

Seriously people! Isn't this the awkward 6-7 year old boy face...her brothers...I blame them!

step back

Whoa! I don't think you know who you are dealing with boy!


Uncle Ben likes to play peek-a-boo...he thought he was faster then my lense...he he he!

Why would you do it?

Do you ever wonder why people would see me with my camera...and then give me a look like that??
They must know where it will end up...right????
Oh, and Happy Birthday Nate!!!

things to come

I'm driving. No, I'm driving. No I'm driving I'm older. A week doesn't count! I'm driving

the big tease

Oh, Pa Pa...that looks good....

...come to momma!!!

Speaking of Momma...she's not gonna like this!

The Next Beechnut Baby


defending her turf

Carli Grace...I'm going to give you to the count of 3 to get off my Mommy's lap...


And one...and two...

...feel the burn baby!

Happy Hump Day

Wednesdays! There's just no way around them.

Dang cute kids - Summer Pics

I finally got all my summer photos edited, sorted, and uploaded. Doing so made me realize that I know a LOT of Dang Cute Kids!!

Sammie Benny

Carli Grace




let's go

Avah! Avah! I got your Daddy's keys! Let's go!!!

daddy time

Excuse me Momma, but this is my special Daddy time.


Last week I had a VERY rough day. It was an anniversary day that for some reason hit me harder than it had the past eight times it's happened.

My friends...my best girls...they each checked on me. They each gave me some different piece of something to think about. They each said something different...one soothed...one agreed...one got pissed with me...and one said I'm here, I'll listen, but I have no idea what to say. Selfishly I must say I get something different from each of my best girls...that is why I need each of them. And that is why I love them and that is why I pray our girls can be friends like that.

To stand by each other...

To stand up to one another...

To comfort each other...

And to give each other a swift booty bump when that's what they need...


I feel violated...

a new Supreme

Stop! In the name of love...

not sure why

I'm not sure why....but I love these shots of Carli Grace by Aunt Bridget's window...so I thought I'd share...even though I have nothing cute to say...I'll let her do the cute talking...


Hmmmm...what have we here!?

Oh, now these look very cool!!!

Man...I don't get to have any fun!!!


Listen up people! My Momma says we should protest against the time change...something about my schedule??? Who's with me??

Happy Hump Day!

Oh, Daddy...it's Wednesday again...make it stop!

cutting a rug

No one cuts a rug like these boys....