a day at the park

There had to be some proof that I was there - right?

uh oh

Uh...hi Momma....
...I'll just smile...I'm never in trouble when I smile.

football season

Daddy! I'm over here!

Happy Hump Day

Ugh! Not another Wednesday...Friday...please!!!

a second

I love beautiful days at the park!

The kids each find their favorite spots...

getting their hands on everything they can...

...climbing on everything they can!

Grossing me out with everything they can!!!

It's so fun to watch them explore!
And pretend!!
And dream...well, I let them dream some...and then I say...don't even think about it dude!

But then a messed up hat and dried on cheerio distract me....

Seriously...it was only a second...one little cheerio...fixed hat..and two kids that had to be stripped to their boxers for the ride home. Good times!

the actor

I think he could have a future in improv...what do you think?

how I know they love me

They think they are funny.

They know I think they are cute.

They like to be silly!

But this is how I know they really love me...photo cooperation.


Can you PUHLEASE just let me play!!!!

something she gets from me

I love you Daddy!

Dang you Daddy!

George's New Favorite Phrase

Take a picture of me Mom!


Leaving his mark.

my camera

I take my camera with me everywhere as a general rule, so when I download pictures and come across random things that I don't remember being present for like this......I know that two things have happened. One - I left home without my camera and two - Mike used it!!! So I applaud my husband on his efforts to be home with the kids, dress them up real pretty and...

...get some ammunition for blackmail later in their lives.

8 Months

If you're upset about how long it has taken for me to get these on my blog, how do you think my girl's grandparents feel about waiting to get one on their wall...the last printed photo we gave anyone my girl couldn't even hold her own head up...so quit complaining - you don't have it so bad.

happy hump day

well trained

The other day I tweeted after my bff said that her two year old just thanked the waitress for his milk. I said - "How do you do that? I have trouble getting my 6 and 8 year old to say thank you without a reminder." It frustrated me...I mean we tell them CONSTANTLY...especially the younger one. I've even thought to myself that maybe they just aren't trainable, but then they proved me wrong....

I say - Who is the prettiest girl in the world??

They say - Carli Grace!!!!!!!!!!!!

And she laughs and laughs...and they laugh cause she is laughing.

So you see they are trainable. Their little sister is their master.

Nine Months

Yes, I'm very aware that we are coming up on eleven months....but how could I not share these?!