iPhone Madness

My girl Jenny - you know, the one that just turned 30 - she hates iPhones. It isn't anything personal against the phone itself (and I'm sure has nothing to do with the fact that she is only one of us that doesn't have one), but more all the attention the phone gets by it's owner. So on girls' night...or fight night...or any other night for that matter. Jenny likes to try and confiscate the iPhones.
Unfortunately for Jenny we are all a little addicted to our phones.

And as the photographer of the group I must say they create some beautiful light.

We try and respect Jenny's wishes...really...we do. Kelly and I were only a little defiant.

But Bridget aka Baby Hog aka SUCK UP!! made up for it.

She looks sweet an innocent till the iPhone comes out!


  1. Don't feel bad Jenny, I don't have one either and will probably never have one.

  2. Remember Jenny, that means I love you the most, cause I didn't take out my iPhone at dinner!!!

  3. LMAO! Seriously, I don't even know what they were checking! Everyone that emails you girls or calls was at the table! LOL. :)

  4. I notice that Jenny didn't mention here that she wants an iPhone herself!! :)