I now crown you Queen of Binkies.

who needs pool toys?

evil laugh

Brenna: Aaaahahahahah!
Carli Grace: He He He He!
What!?! Oh, so I guess you are going to blame this one on me too.

Block Party

Every year on the Saturday of the Fourth of July weekend (which just happened to actually be the Fourth of July this year) our subdivsion/court has a block party and we invite all our friends. Even Nate.
This year was no exception and we had a great time - rain and all.

The girls got to play. That's Me, Brenna, Avah, Carli Grace and Michelle (aka Avah's Mom) in case you were wondering. As always there were TONS of kids...poor Nathan finally had to call in reinforcements to help with the sparklers.
The rain moved all of us into the garage...well all of us adults and babies anyway...the kids were already in swimsuits so they played in the rain.

We finally got a shot of the three guys with their three girls...it is still hard for us all to believe that three best friends managed to have baby girls three weeks apart...could I have fit in another 3????
Anyway this is - Mike and Carli Grace, Nate and Brenna, Jeremy and Avah.

And then the girls went to bed...and the karaoke started. We had the added bonus of listening to my husband and my brother to sing/rap Vanilla Ice for us (yes, we are a mature bunch).

I am so proud...maybe for next year they could do a little practicing before hand.

avah the posing princess


I am speed.

Yes, I am speed.

I am speed, but Momma is lightening.


I had nothing to do with this.

iPhone Madness

My girl Jenny - you know, the one that just turned 30 - she hates iPhones. It isn't anything personal against the phone itself (and I'm sure has nothing to do with the fact that she is only one of us that doesn't have one), but more all the attention the phone gets by it's owner. So on girls' night...or fight night...or any other night for that matter. Jenny likes to try and confiscate the iPhones.
Unfortunately for Jenny we are all a little addicted to our phones.

And as the photographer of the group I must say they create some beautiful light.

We try and respect Jenny's wishes...really...we do. Kelly and I were only a little defiant.

But Bridget aka Baby Hog aka SUCK UP!! made up for it.

She looks sweet an innocent till the iPhone comes out!


When is Momma gonna let me get out of this tie bow?

think I'll try that

Brenna: Hmmmm...I think I'd like to try that! What do you call that Avah?
Avah: This old thing...I just call this standing. I'm not sure what you use it for though.


Brenna's Baptism

Somebody was a little sleepy.

Brenna and her godparents Mike and Jessie.

Nate and Kelly and sleepy Brenna.


You are gonna have to work harder than that.

Breaking Mom's Heart

No cuddles!

No smiles!

No kisses!

helping a friend

Don't worry...I'm just storing this for Brenna.

big day

Hey! You! Yeah you! Have you heard what today is?
You haven't? You see this gal?

Yeah, that's my Mommy. Her name is Jenny...and today...wait, Aunt Rachel...I don't know if she'd want me telling people this...oh, you think it's okay?...are you sure?...okay.

Today she is turning 30 years old!!!!

I know...I'm as shocked as you are!

Party Cove

Someday these two will be hanging out at Party Cove together - checking out the ladies - being each other's "wingman".

Let's hope that by then they outgrow this method of lady watching.

Adults I Like To Shoot

Mike - always my personal favorite Grandma Lucille - so photogenic!