Our Grandkids

This is my extra/bonus family. I've known them practically my whole life. Me, Mike and our kids get treated just like another one of the clan...with no exceptions...and I mean that really we get no guest special treatment whatsoever!

Bridget and Tiffany are two of my best girls...and their husbands are like extra brothers - you know what that means, right? Exactly - sometimes we fight, sometimes we don't, sometimes we seem to team up on someone else, but throughout it all we love each other...better yet, we like each other and have a good time together.

We are all together - A LOT. We really do work as a village (you must when you are outnumbered!). So when I look at this photo of all of our kids - Tiffany's 2, my 3 and Bridget's 4 - I look ahead and wonder what they will be and more importantly what they will be to each other. Sometimes they fight, sometimes they don't, sometimes they team up on someone else...sometimes they team up on us! All I can really hope is that they can have as good of a relationship as adults as we do...and someday - just maybe - we'll have a picture like this of all of our grandchildren.


  1. That is awesome! And you think you are outnumbered now!?!? :)

  2. Awesome post! You all are blessed to have such an awesome support system!