My Secret Trick

I love, love, love taking pictures. And I love, love, love when they come out awesome and I can shoot an email to a friend with some great jpegs of their kiddo. Normally I just randomly shoot while no one is paying attention to me, however, with Andrew that method doesn't always work. He notices and then does one of those cheesy 7-year old boy let me show you all my teeth and scrunch up my forehead fact I think at night he is secretly teaching George that same move.

So I've had to come up with a new method for Andrew. And I SO wish I'd of thought of it sooner. I tell him to make silly faces at me.

First he ponders what those faces should be.

Then he makes them.

Then he laughs...or smiles...cause he thinks the whole things is so ridiculous - and that my friends is when I find magic with that kid.