Every year we go to the same Fourth of July event at Tiff's work, Delmar Gardens. It is a huge community event that is open to the residents, their families and the community. We LOVE it! It has become a tradition. I still remember George's first year there - he was a month and a half old in a white onesie and blue shorts...laying on the blanket staring up at fireworks. This year was, of course, Carli Grace and Jenna's first time and as always we had a great time. Here's just a few shots...more are coming! Stay tuned.

George and Andrew on their way back from getting balloons (George's popped).

Tiff had to work the party, but came by to say hi.

Danny and his super cool face paint.

My new hot dog advertisement...Jake.

Ben's grandpa is a resident at Delmar Gardens right now and he came out to visit.

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