Well hello Momma! I'm gonna get you!

Wait..hold on...give me a sec to get this chunk up. I come.

I'm coming!!

...give me a second...I may need a pit stop...

Now this looks interesting. Wait Momma...I'm gonna take a little break.

....and a nap...

...I feel better - how about you?

Here I come...wait...something is holding me back...

...what the heck - I'm trying to turn here!

...I make wide rights....

I made it....maybe another nap might be in order.

Dang Cute Kids - July 2009

Carli Grace
Brenna Avah





Girl Got Skills

Go ahead...admit're impressed.

At Least I'm not the only one

You remember when Jenna tried to teach me one of her faces?

Well since I was SUCH a failer, she decided to try and teach Pa Pa.

He won't be quitting his day job either.

Sports Fiend

Mike finally found someone to watch golf with him.

Fabric Monster

Sammie: Carli Grace! Let's play patty cake!

MOM!!! This kid is trying to eat my dress!!! Help me!!

Carli Grace! Eating people's dresses is just mean! That's not nice!!!

Get away from my feet! What is wrong with you?!

Ideal Childhood

I'm curious. As a mother, do you ever feel... you put a bazillion times more effort into creating an ideal childhood for your children... they put into participating in it?

Little Old Man

Happy Birthday Mom

This is my mother. I look like her? Really? Funny - I've never heard that before. Let me tell you something interesting - today is her birthday. Everybody say Happy Birthday Mom! Good job.

I get many wonderful things from this lady...qualities I've inherited and things she's taught me. I could name them - my ability to light my own campfire, anything and everything I know about cooking (all though I could have paid more attention), my tourist in your own town philosphy, my drive to finish, etc., etc., etc. - but I won't bore you with all of that.

Instead I'll just say happy birthday Mom! We love you!

PS...thanks for picking one of my favorite restaurants for your birthday dinner. ;)


Tough guy? Well I can bench Carli Grace...can you?

New Cameras

This new Nikon thing is getting slightly out of hand.

Come On!

Can somebody please get this kid off me?!?!


I think I can get this whole thing in my mouth and gone before Daddy even knows what happened....hehehehehe.

Ooops! Busted!


Did you know you could watch fireworks through 3D glasses?

I didn't.

Did you know they look EVEN cooler through 3D glasses? Yeah, me neither...but it's true.

Happy Birthday To My BFF

Not an Actress

Jenna: Look at my new face Aunt Rachel.

J: Oh my goodness I hope no one is watching this...she is terrible at this face.