Stephen's 3rd Birthday

Did you know that Stephen and George share a birthday? Well they do and so every year Tiffany and I have to coordinate parties. The unfortunate part of that is that generally my boys don't make it to Stephen's party because they are with their other parents. However, the rest of the kids had a blast at the party.

Although I'm unsure how any kid in their right mind could not have a good time when this thing is involved!

It had water cannons!
And then there was cake...the life of a kid doesn't get much better.


  1. looks like it was a great time and who wouldn't have enjoyed that huge blowup?

  2. When Tiffany showed me a picture of that thing I was so upset that I'm 25 and probably too big for it...

  3. I want one of those on my 30th! LOL Remember that please! :)