Mixed Martial Arts

Tonight we are all (well at least all of us that can) are getting together for Fight Night. Now Fight Night has changed DRAMATICALLY in the past year. It has always alternated between houses so each family takes turn paying for the pay-per-view event. But when it started it was just guys....then slowly me...Michelle...Bridget...and Kelly started realizing that there was something rather fun about watching men beat the bejesuz out of each other and so it became a couples thing that soon escalated into a full on family event...I mean really - who wants to get a babysitter to go watch tv. So now we bring our kids and they play and destroy one lucky family's house while we all take turns disciplining, eating, watching, cleaning, disciplining, bandaiding, watching...well you get the point.

Now in this time the kids really haven't' shown that much interest in what the adults are doing and to be quite honest I really thought they had no clue what we were even watching.

That is until Tucker decide to side mount his mom and declare himself winner by submission!


  1. OMG... I literally laughed out loud at this!! Too funny...I should have known we would end up on a post like this!