Happy Birthday Pa Pa!!!

My step dad Randy - he is amazing!

He is more than any girl could ask for in the step parent department. In fact, as a step parent myself, I strive to be like him.

Beyond that he is one GREAT Pa Pa! He watches Carli Grace one day a week (sometimes more) all year long. During the summer he has both boys and Carli Grace every Friday. He takes them swimming, to the library, to puppet shows, plays in the yard, reads, rocks, feeds, sleeps...spoils rotten!!! And they love every second of it.

I doubt in all this world there is a man who is more patient.

I often think to myself that in Mike I have found the ideal mix of my Dad, Randy and my Pop. He seems to have some of the greatest of each of their qualities...now what each of those are is a post for another time - cause this post is all about Randy.
Let's just say I feel blessed to have him in my life.

From all of us!!! And Walker too! Happy Birthday!!!!

We love you!!!

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