Ears and Nose

Carli Grace: Hey aren't you the girl with the yummy ears? Fancy meeting you here.

Brenna: Oh no! Not you again! You leave my ears alone!!!

CG: Oh, but they're so fun to chew on. I don't have teeth yet - so it won't hurt! I promise.

B: No way lady! Back off!

CG: Come on! Just a little nibble.
B: I'm telling you right now - YOU WILL BE SORRY!!

CG: AAAHHHH! She bit my nose! The girl bit my nose!!! Help!!! Who bites noses!!!!

CG: I am so out of here...that is ridiculous!

B: I have a big sister - I know how to defend myself!

1 comment:

  1. LOL! That is adorable!! Hopefully neither of them will find each other edible once they have teeth! :)