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Dang Cute Kids - June 2009

Carli Grace



(I would like it noted that I didn't not Photoshop these eyes at all)



The Process

He wiggled it.

He whined about it.

He wiggled it some more.
And when he least expected it.
Out popped his first tooth.

I still remember the day that he got that tooth five and a half years ago.
I'll miss that tooth.

Big Meanie

This is Mike's goddaughter, Brenna.

She loves her Uncle Mike. But one day Brenna is going to realize...

...that Uncle Mike has a mean streak.

Good Friends

Brenna: This is my good friend Carli Grace. I love Carli Grace...
...except when she tries to eat me.
You shouldn't eat people Carli isn't nice!
You know what else I like?
Carli Grace's bows!


You wanna see a trick? I can fit this whole thing in my mouth.

No really...I you see it... you don't. Pretty cool huh!

I'm telling can't see it....

Pillowcase Princess

Do you know one of my favorite things about having a girl? It isn't girl looks best in greens and blues anyway. My favorite thing so far is little chubby legs sticking out of the CUTEST dresses EVER!

My addiction and fascination with pillowcase dresses will quite possibly be a problem for my girl in years to come. Now as with most everything else I want for Carli Grace I headed over to Etsy and shopped around for the perfect thing. What I came across was Hot Tots Boutique.

I ordered a couple of the most darling dresses at prices that are hard to beat. In fact, the prices were so low that I kind of expected to be unimpressed and need to search elsewhere to feed my addiction - what I got amazed me. Rebecca over at Hot Tots Boutique does amazing work. Her dresses are beautifully made, wash great and are super comfy for my Carli Grace on a hot summer day! On top of that her Sizzlin' Summer Sale makes everything an additional 15% off until July 9th!

Now you might say, but Rachel, summer is half over she'll barely get any use out of these dresses. You would be SO wrong. My girl will be sporting her dresses all year...first as summer dresses, fall and winter dresses with a long sleeve onesie underneath...maybe some leggings, and next summer, as a cute summer top with a pair of shorts. SO versatile!!!

So, as with everything else I love, I talked to Rebecca about hosting a giveaway on my blog so that you guys could have the opportunity to win one of her fabulous dresses (in size 6 mos. to 5T)!

All you have to do is post a new comment for EACH item that you do on the list. I will use Random Generator to choose the winner. If you put all your replies in one comment you only have one chance to win - make sense? So comment separately on each.

1. Check out Hot Tots Boutique and tell me what dress I should buy next for Carli Grace. I'll give you a bonus entry if you happen to mention one that I already own - besides the one she is wearing in these photos (cause I encourage good taste around here!).

2. Follow my blog publicly - that means add me to your google reader or click follow on the right hand side of my blog.

3. Go to Rebecca's site and tell me what you would want for your favorite many choices so little chubby leg time!

4. Blog or tweet or both about this raffle and link to it - 3 entries each!!!

5. Purchase any item from Hot Tots Boutique - 5 entries!!! Keep in mind that everything in her store is 15% off until July 9th!!!

6. Post about this raffle in your Facebook status.

The fine print - contest ends July 10, 2009 at 10:59 p.m. CST. We can only ship to addresses within the United States. The winner will be drawn via Random Generator and contacted. Please be sure to leave me a way to contact you if it is not available in your profile. Winner will have 72 hours to respond before I draw another winner.

My princess and I wish you good luck!!!!


We have some mean friends.

They do things to my kids...

...that just aren't nice.

Luckily for me... kids know how to defend themselves.


So this is what having hair is like.

No More Pictures Please

The Imperfect Parent

I read The imperfect parent. I like it not because I always agree with them, but because it gives me food for thought. I can agree to disagree.

I have several great girl friends who have great kids. I don't always agree with their choices and they don't always agree with mine. We can agree to disagree. Agree to respect each others choice. Agree to make our kids follow each others rules depending on the house or the situation we are in. That's what makes us great friends. Our ability to think for ourselves. That being said I'd like to place my usual disclaimer on this and say...I am not starting World War III. I don't care if you agree or disagree with is your right to do either and I respect that. I'm even willing to listen and consider your opinion as long as you don't judge mine. Cool?

So here it is - yes, fine, judge me for watching Jon and Kate Plus 8..whatever - The imperfect parent's post on Unsolicited advice for Jon and Kate. The seven things that Marge lists, in my opinion, are so, so will Jon and Kate read this...probably not, but for anyone else going through the same thing - READ THESE ITEMS!


Sometimes...just when I wish we were all just a little more fun...

...we surprise ourselves...

....and discover...

....that we are plenty of fun...and only slightly disturbing.


Carli Grace: Oh, what have we here. of my favorites.

CG: How can I get this wonderful yumminess into my mouth?

CG: Ah, a distraction...keep smiling Brenna...keep smiling.

Brenna: (Whap!) Don't even think about it sister!

Happy Birthday Mark

Today is my baby brother's birthday.

This is Mark.

And today, Mark turns four.

Saturday my family and my bff and her family headed over to the pool and helped my little brother celebrate. I have tons and tons of great photos that I'll post in the upcoming weeks, but I wanted to be sure to get something up today.

Something that says - We love you Mark!!! Happy Birthday!

Oh, and I'd like it duly noted that I have started my 30 day shred and will not look like this in a bathing suit for much longer. Kiss the baby weight goodbye!

I Love These Girls

First Time In

My girl started out happy and content.

She was a little unsure about her toes.

Thought long and hard about splashing her brother.

And then got ticked off!

But Grandma made it all better!