Rough Stuff

I like rough guys. Do you know that about me? I'm not into the pretty boy look. I think my husband is sexy because he's calloused, unshaven and tattooed. For the first months...maybe year that we dated he would shave....ALL THE TIME....until finally, finally we had a discussion and he discovered that I actually could care less if he shaved and for that matter preferred him not to. Mike will tell you how happy it makes him to not have to shave everyday.

Now when we had Carli Grace I was a little worried that all that hair might be rough on her delicate skin. I even considered asking him to start shaving again...well let me tell you - I'm glad I didn't cause it seems my girl digs facial hair too! I'll also be saving this photo so that when she starts dating I can remind Daddy that he was her first tattooed "rough" guy, and you know what they say about girls marrying their father. Lucky Carli Grace!

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