Poor Kid

Let me tell you something that makes both of my brothers very happy. Now, they may not admit to this, but trust me...they like it. You can tell by the look on Vince's face - he's loving it.

My poor son inherited from me a complete lack of control when it comes to being tickled. For years, in fact decades now, I have had to put up with this curse...and as if that wasn't bad enough - it seems I have passed it on to poor George. His reaction mirrors mine - breathing stops, spasms start, flailing, complete lack of control, pants peeing - the whole nine yards. It is so bad that no one dares tickle me while I have a baby in my hand because they know the results could be bad.

Luckily for me it apparently hurts less when George flails, spasms and defends himself. Oh, and they can do this to him.


  1. Looks like fun...wish I had an uncle Vince.

  2. Well Vince, you are getting more blog time! :) No pictures of you with bows on your head yet, I'm waiting for those :)