Pep Talk

Maddie: Carli Grace we have got to get you movin' girl.
I do my aerobics every day and I think it is high time you do too!

CG: I don't think so Maddie...I just like to sit and watch the world go by.
M: Girl! You can't even fit in your Bumbo chair anymore...something must be done!
Come on...I'll give you a taste of Maddie's BootCamp Aerobics!
M: Now, just watch me. First you scootch down like this. You paying attention?
M: Then arch your back as hard as you can...get that diaper off the ground.
Come on Carli Grace - give it a try!
M: Sorry, girl...but at Maddie's BootCamp I require your undivided attention!
Trust me - it is for your own good. Now back to the work out!

CG: Mommmmy!!!!
M: Sissy! You couldn't handle Maddie's BootCamp!!!!


  1. That is too funny!! Especially the part about the bumbo!! :) We can get Brenna in there, but its a squeeze getting her back out! Maddie is going to have the best abs in town!

  2. Where do you come up with this stuff!! You had me rolling! Too funny!!!