My First Baby

My boy gets a little tired of having a camera in his face. But he's my first baby, and he's a ham. These things combined make me camera stalk him, but now he's turned into every other young know the goofy smiles that are just so dang irritating!! The other day we had a little "photo shoot", otherwise known as playing in the park, and I asked him to smile for the camera.

First I got this, which I call his I'm being a pain on purpose intellectual look - you see him deep in thought.
Then he gave me the old I'm humoring my mother look.

But finally! Finally! My old George - the ham - was back! Just for a second...don't blink or you'll miss it...and I got one decent shot.

The good news for me is that as George goes into this crummy picture taking phase Andrew should (hopefully - keep your fingers crossed) be coming out of it!! And if not, well I guess I'll go camera stalk little girls with pigtails. (Kel-can I borrow your daughter???)

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  1. Sure!! She would love to ham it up for her Aunt Rachel :) As long as I get prints! ;-)