Karate Tournament

I was so excited about taking these pictures until I got there and realized that the light sucked and I had to jack up my ISO super high to get decent light in, which made everything grainy (aka noise). So yesterday I went over to my favorite camara shop (Schiller Camera & Video) and talked to Jim (Jim may be my new bff) and he told me that no - I hadn't done anything wrong and that I can fix this by simply buying a new lense...so I of course ask how much, thinking a few hundred dollars and maybe I could ask for a combo birthday/Christmas present. But then Jim says $2,000 - right...so here are the FANTASTIC pictures I took at Andrew's Karate Tournament. I'm sure you will LOVE them. They are PERFECT.

This is Andrew performing his Kihon for the judges.

And then came the fun part...the Kumite. So fun! Did you know parents don't yell in karate like they do in soccer??? I mean except for our family.
Right before Andrew's Kumite Mike was "coaching" him.
Mike: Don't forget Andrew - punch, punch, kick.
Andrew: Okay Dad.
Mike: Keep your hands up.
Andrew: Okay Dad.
Mike: Keep moving forward - punch, punch, kick.
Andrew: Don't worry Dad - I have a secret move.

See this kid...this kid won second place at the Kumite. His secret move was a big help!