Car Seats

Those that know me know that I'm kind of a pain about car seats. I don't keep them past the expiration. I replace them after car accidents. I climb in them to make sure they are tight enough. I holler at our boys to sit up right in the car and put their legs in front of them ALL THE TIME. In fact even I am sick of hearing myself say that. When I was reading one of my favorite blogs today and she had a guest post about car seat safety I got really excited and decided to post the link, however, I'd like to post a disclaimer here. I am NOT trying to debate this with you. I'm simply linking to what me and my family believe to be helpful information. What you do with your car seat is your business and I will not be arguing with you about it. Child topics (car seat safety, vaccines, first foods, etc.) can become very touchy subjects and that is not a path I want to take on my blog. So without further ado...or is the article:

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