Huh, so this is what having hair is like.

Dang Cute Kids - May 2009








Mommy! Carli Grace won't share her bunny!


Hmmmm. Now this looks promising.
Hey! Hey lady! Let me have a looksie at what you've got there.

Oooh La La!

Well hello my sweet!

Let go of the bunny and nobody gets hurt!

Carli Grace Says

Hey you - yes I'm talking to you. Have you signed up to win my Mommy's raffle yet? No! Well you better get to it. My Mommy doesn't like to be kept waiting! And the contest ends tomorrow!! Click here to register!

Brenna Bear

This girl is so smiley and so happy and such a doll! I can't get over her amazing personality. It boggles my mind that some of my best girls and I have all had our own girls so close together and yet every one of them is SO different.

Miss Smiley Brenna And Miss Serious Carli Grace.

Kindergarten Graduation

Do you remember me mentioning yesterday that my first baby turned six? You know what else he did? He graduated kindergarten - as if turning six wasn't bad enough.

He really didn't look much different than he did on his first day of kindergarten.

But oh, how he has changed. Every teacher we talked to said the same thing - the beginning was rough but George has come so far this year and is such a pleasure to have.

Here's a picture of him and his teacher, Mrs. Muench. She assures me that he is very ready for first grade.

The problem is I'm not sure if I'm ready for first grade!

And I'm not real sure that first grade is ready for him.


Mike and I have "invented" the ideal way to keep track of your kid at the park. Any parent knows how frustrating that can be as kids slip into slides and tunnels and blend in with the fifty other kids the same height as them. So we have solved the problem. We just mark them.
Kind of reminds you of watching hockey on television doesn't it.

Car Seats

Those that know me know that I'm kind of a pain about car seats. I don't keep them past the expiration. I replace them after car accidents. I climb in them to make sure they are tight enough. I holler at our boys to sit up right in the car and put their legs in front of them ALL THE TIME. In fact even I am sick of hearing myself say that. When I was reading one of my favorite blogs today and she had a guest post about car seat safety I got really excited and decided to post the link, however, I'd like to post a disclaimer here. I am NOT trying to debate this with you. I'm simply linking to what me and my family believe to be helpful information. What you do with your car seat is your business and I will not be arguing with you about it. Child topics (car seat safety, vaccines, first foods, etc.) can become very touchy subjects and that is not a path I want to take on my blog. So without further ado...or is the article:

Birthday Boy

My first baby is turning six today.

I'm not sure when that happened.

It snuck up on me.

I feel like crying quite frankly.

But how can you cry when you look at a face like that!

Happy Birthday my little man! Mommy loves you more than air!

Has it happened yet?

Does she look like me yet????

Secret Weapon

This is a pretty typical picture of my Carli Grace. Photographers try and often times succeed with a lot of work, but as a general rule I'm just happy with shots like these. But I've recently discovered a new secret weapon we have in our arsenal.


She thinks he is hilarious.

For pretty much no reason.

He cracks her up.

And that is why he will be going to the photo studio with us from now on.

Mike's New Profession

I don't know if you've heard - Mike decided to make a life change. He no longer wants to own his own business, or maybe he does but not doing what he currently does. He's decided to branch out - think punk rock.

Do you see how he works with such precision.

Straight lines.

Happy clients.

I mean what better thing to do with your life....

...then make a child's mother cringe.

Pardon Me

Excuse me, but could you give me directions to the nearest bottle?

My First Baby

My boy gets a little tired of having a camera in his face. But he's my first baby, and he's a ham. These things combined make me camera stalk him, but now he's turned into every other young know the goofy smiles that are just so dang irritating!! The other day we had a little "photo shoot", otherwise known as playing in the park, and I asked him to smile for the camera.

First I got this, which I call his I'm being a pain on purpose intellectual look - you see him deep in thought.
Then he gave me the old I'm humoring my mother look.

But finally! Finally! My old George - the ham - was back! Just for a second...don't blink or you'll miss it...and I got one decent shot.

The good news for me is that as George goes into this crummy picture taking phase Andrew should (hopefully - keep your fingers crossed) be coming out of it!! And if not, well I guess I'll go camera stalk little girls with pigtails. (Kel-can I borrow your daughter???)