Teaming Up

The Saturday night before Easter we always get together with my side of the family. The kids egg hunt. We eat A LOT! We visit. And then we let the boys (Andrew, George and Mark) dye Easter eggs. It's become something of a tradition. Now this year my girl was a little stopped up that night and screamed her head off for hours...yes, my serious Carli Grace who never makes a peep...the colors she turned! It was awful. So because of this my sister-in-law Angela used my camera to take pictures for me while I was walking the floor in Carli Grace's room. I didn't get to be part of the egg dying at all, so it was nice to have so many great pictures. Thanks Angela!!!

When I started going through them I came to this picture. Now maybe it doesn't do anything for you. I mean the lighting is a little off...they aren't looking at the camera...whatever. This picture makes me smile a HUGE internal smile. It just really struck a chord with boys...brothers...thick as if they shared blood. I wasn't going to share it. I was going to keep it all to myself and hog it. Look at it whenever they were driving me crazy and remember that yes, they do get along sometimes. But then something happened....our boys who will argue with each other till they are blue in the face...who drive each other NUTS...teamed up on someone. Like REAL siblings. A little boy in our neighborhood punched Andrew in the stomach - I have no clue why and the boys swear they don't either - and what boys team up on they didn't hurt him or even touch him for that matter, but they made it VERY clear to him that they were not going to stand for it and they stood together it might be best if he went home. It makes me smile. I remember doing this with my brothers...I could beat them all I wanted, but you better not touch them or I will tear you up! Heck I'm pushing 30 and still feel that way about my brothers.

It is so nice to know that we are doing something right! Someday when we're gone they'll still have each other and what a mighty team they will be.

Oh, and P.S....pray for my daughter - with this "team" and her Daddy she may never be able to date.

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  1. Quite a moving story. It would have been better if it ended with "Then George and Drew tag teamed to beat the kid down. He'll never mess with the Ballard/Seifried boys again!"

    Oh well...

    I guess it is nice your way too...