Saturday Night

As promised here are some pics from our Saturday night. As I said, we had 14 kids (Benny, Andrew, Jake, George, Danny, Morgan, Sammie, Stephen, Spencer, Tucker, Maddie, Carli Grace, Brenna, Jenna) at our house for a "play date"/Mizzou Game/organized chaos! All the little girls were good with the exception of Carli Grace (she has another ear infection). I'm thinking that I cursed myself with this post! This was the first time we had this many of the little girls together.

Maddie * Carli Grace * Brenna * Jenna

And I took advantage of getting to hold them all!!!

Carli Grace

Brenna - and yes, I did hold her, but no one got a picture of it - but that is my leg in this picture!!! - that counts for something, right?


We took so many pictures Saturday night and some, well some just deserve their own post and some MUST be saved for a Dang Cute Kids post, in fact, I may have to have two of those this month just to fit all the Dang Cute Kids in!

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