My Car Conversation

Today I was taking Andrew and George to an Easter event at the local high school. Ma Ma, Aunt Tiffany, five of my nephews and one precious niece went also. When we got to the sitter's to drop off Carli Grace her daughter (who's six) was home from school also, so we took her along. Now keep in mind that my boys are very used to BOYS and that is the way conversations usually go so adding a girl to our dynamic was interesting to say the least. I'll try and post some pictures later tonight, but I just have to tell you about some of my all time favorite conversations from the day.

Number One

Evelyn gets her face painting finished (she got a butterfly). She walks over to the boys and says - "Don't I look beautiful?" Silence. "Don't I look beautiful?" Still silence. "Hey, don't you want to tell me I look beautiful." Andrew says, "Why would I tell you that?"

Number Two

In the car the conversation originates from a talk about kissing:

G: I'm never kissing a girl other than my mom.
Evelyn: Well I will kiss a boy when I get married.
A: I'm never gonna get married.
E: Why not?
A: Cause I'd have to take care of my children and I don't want to take care of children.
E: Well I'm getting married and having lots of children.
Both my boys look at her like she has 3 heads.

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