Little Sweetie

Do you have any idea how sweet I think this is? This is my Grandma - so Carli Grace's Great Grandma (my Dad's Mom). She was over for Easter on Saturday night. And you know what.... girl thought she was SO funny! Grandma talked and Carli Grace giggled. It was so sweet.

In fact in this picture of my girl and I - Grandma is the one making her laugh.

This shirt could not have been more fitting for the evening.


  1. Too cute! Love the picture of you and Carli Grace too it's a keeper! We have the same outfit (go figure!) lot of that going around with all these adorable baby girls! :)


  2. I love these pictures Especially the one of you two! Soo cute! And... of course Maddie has that same outfit also! She hasn't been able to wear it yet though, its just a little too baggie in the waste! :)