Picasso lost his ear - Stephen may lose his tongue! But he was "workin' hard Aunt Rachel".

Dang Cute Kids - April 2009

Carli Grace




Spencer Wait a the heck did that get in here??? Ooops! Sorry Kel!

Dinner Conversation - Zooey and Carli Grace

Z: Have you had that thing happen to you where there is some icky stuff on a stick thing and the Mommy makes these noises and opens her mouth real big?

CG: Can't say as I have. Z: You sure? She sticks this stuff in my mouth and then I do this....yum, yum , yum...

CG: Oh, you mean eating. Nope, my mom won't let me do that yet...she says I've got enough rolls.Z: What the heck? Mom!!! Am I going to get rolls?!?!?

Love My Pa Pa

I love my Pa Pa because we look good together...

and cause he talks to me...and cause he makes silly faces... and cause he listens when I talk...and mainly cause I'm his favorite girl!!!

Dinner Conversation - Zooey and Carli Grace

Z: there we were sitting in this office when some gal just grabbed my leg and jabbed something into it.

CG: No way! I've totally had that happen to me!

Z: You're kidding?! We're like kindred spirits or something.

Buddha Baby

Some people have a Gerber, I have a Buddha Baby.

20 Questions

I know you are all just dieing to know more about Mike since the big 3 Truths and 2 Lies Reveal - so, I thought I'd indulge your nosey sides!

20 Questions About My Spouse

He's watching TV... what's he watching? Sports or reality television or anything about the supernatural....or if I'm sitting on the couch - Desperate Housewives

You're out to eat... what kind of dressing does he get on his salad? Ranch....definitely ranch...oh and croutons for me (Ruby Tuesday's YUM!)

What's one food he doesn't like? fish...he's really not a fan of fish - although he does try mine from time to time

You're out for a drink... he orders: Hmmmm...are we on a budget that night or not? Depends. Generally beer, red wine if we are out somewhere nice, sake if we are out for Japanese, shots if I'm driving home

Where did he go to high school? Pattonville

What size shoe does he wear? A 13 - I know...I know

Does he have any tattoos? Yes! One super yummy one that he got just for me...and one that shows that some decisions shouldn't be made while drinking.

If he were to collect anything, it would be....? Golf clubs???? Can you collect those? My first response would be NOTHING. He complains about the amount of stuff we have already. Maybe guns? Yeah, guns or golf clubs.

What is his favorite type of car? No clue....I don't think he cares.

He could eat ______ everyday? Chicken Wings - for sure

Favorite cereal? I think he'll eat most cereals as long as you dump a lot of sugar on them. Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Grape Nuts?

He wouldn't be caught dead wearing....? This is tough...he's worn pantyhose and lingerie (just for Halloween and special occasions ;) So what else....hmmmmm....I got nothin people. Oh, wait!!! Whighty Tighties! It came to me!

What is his sign? Virgo - yes I had to google this.

What is something I do that he wishes I wouldn't do? Oh, the list he would give you! Let's see - he swears I gulp when I drink, he hates that I listen to other people's conversations in restaurants while we are talking, not answering my cell phone if I'm on the phone and he calls, etc. etc. etc.

How many states has he lived in? Just one. Born and bred in Missouri.

What is his heritage? Good question...I know he has Indian in him, but I'm not sure besides that. Well that will give us something to talk about at dinner.

You bake him a cake for his birthday. What kind does he want? He doesn't want a cake he wants a banana blueberry pie and he doesn't want me to make it he wants his mom to.

Did he play sports in high school or college? Soccer for a while.

He could spend hours....? watching sports...and he does.

What is your favorite thing about him? This is where it gets I have to pick one? I can't there are SO many's a list:
Physical - mmmm...his arms...yummy!
Emotional - his caring nature
Social - kids love him
Intellectual - he does all the math for me wherever we are
Comical - when he teases me it is generally funny and never hurtful
Tons more, but I don't want to give him a big head!


Hmmmm...I wonder if I can get Cece's shiny things in my mouth????

If It Was a Snake

My boys...they aren't very observant. It's a curse. Or maybe it's a guy thing...not sure. Anyway, I watched both of them walk over eggs without seeing them.

Uncle Bobby tried to give them clues...

George finally gave up...

...Mark finally found it later.


If only they weren't touching so I could take this Andrew...
...and this George...

...and make a really good picture of my boys.

Ugh! The awkward years are getting old!

Tooth #2 - Gone!

Four months since he lost his first tooth Andrew finally lost another one...ten minutes ago! Photo courtesy of Andrew's Mom.

Happy Birthday Katie!

See this precious baby girl...

She's turning 21 today!

And yes, she still makes this face...

Happy birthday Katie! We love you!

Random Easter Stuff

Mark - Andrew - George

Sleeping Babies

All the babies in our house were sleeping peacefully last night and after making the rounds to check on them we found Carli Grace, curiously, not the way we had left her. Mike says - you should take a picture of that to blog about it. So I made the rounds again...this time with my Nikon D40.

Andrew is a cuddler when he sleeps. George is a back sleeper...oh, and a teeth grinder.
And my Carli Grace, as of last night, is a belly sleeper..wait for the shock...just like her Daddy.

Apparently it is what she has needed all along cause this belly sleeper slept till 4:30...sweet!


Easter was how long ago???? Hey, as long as I'm keeping up with the free stuff what more can you all ask for? Carli Grace had so much fun with her Mimi at lunch on Easter!

Riley - Cassidy - Nolan

Teaming Up

The Saturday night before Easter we always get together with my side of the family. The kids egg hunt. We eat A LOT! We visit. And then we let the boys (Andrew, George and Mark) dye Easter eggs. It's become something of a tradition. Now this year my girl was a little stopped up that night and screamed her head off for hours...yes, my serious Carli Grace who never makes a peep...the colors she turned! It was awful. So because of this my sister-in-law Angela used my camera to take pictures for me while I was walking the floor in Carli Grace's room. I didn't get to be part of the egg dying at all, so it was nice to have so many great pictures. Thanks Angela!!!

When I started going through them I came to this picture. Now maybe it doesn't do anything for you. I mean the lighting is a little off...they aren't looking at the camera...whatever. This picture makes me smile a HUGE internal smile. It just really struck a chord with boys...brothers...thick as if they shared blood. I wasn't going to share it. I was going to keep it all to myself and hog it. Look at it whenever they were driving me crazy and remember that yes, they do get along sometimes. But then something happened....our boys who will argue with each other till they are blue in the face...who drive each other NUTS...teamed up on someone. Like REAL siblings. A little boy in our neighborhood punched Andrew in the stomach - I have no clue why and the boys swear they don't either - and what boys team up on they didn't hurt him or even touch him for that matter, but they made it VERY clear to him that they were not going to stand for it and they stood together it might be best if he went home. It makes me smile. I remember doing this with my brothers...I could beat them all I wanted, but you better not touch them or I will tear you up! Heck I'm pushing 30 and still feel that way about my brothers.

It is so nice to know that we are doing something right! Someday when we're gone they'll still have each other and what a mighty team they will be.

Oh, and P.S....pray for my daughter - with this "team" and her Daddy she may never be able to date.

Sammie's Party - Part 2

The birthday girl got to go first - of course!

Then it was youngest to oldest....Alex.



...and Benny.
Of course I'm missing 4 or 5 kids in there, but I was a little distracted trying to keep kids back out of the way of the bat.
Then chaos...