Soul Train

J: Carli let's dance! Mmmm! Yeah - feel the music!
CG: This must be one of those times were my cheeks are too heavy again. I can't feel the music?
J: Get down with your bad self!
J: Come on Carli. Move your body! You can do it. Yeah!
CG: Okay, okay Jenna! I got this!
CG: Work it girl!
J: To the left, to the left.CG: Everybody say OHHHHH OHHHHH!J: What kind of moves are those?

J: Somebody get me out of here. This girl has no rhythem! She's tearing up my game.



  1. That is the best one yet! I laughed my butt off - as did my coworkers.

    And it's okay Carli Grace, Uncle Steve doesn't have rhythm either...

  2. LOL! I swear.. I look forward to you blogs daily now... just so I can laugh! This was a good one!!! Thanks again for the laugh! :)